Randall Isaac

Introducing Randall Isaac

Intro: Who am I? by: Randall Isaac

My name is Randall Isaac. I’m a 35 year old black man from the city of New Orleans. I’ve been incarcerated since 3/2010 and I’m due to be released 5/23/2029. i’m grateful for the opportunity to share my experiences and viewpoints with you all. Hoping that I can shed a light to the darkness many people face during incarceration! i pray that everything I say is taken in with an open mind. I’ve learned in order to be a great leader, you first have to learn to follow the example of past great leaders!
This is simply an introduction of who is Randall Isaac. I’m a positive thinker, I’m a father and I’m also a spirtual being. In the near future, we will embark on a journey together. Sharing my experiences and growth into the man that I have become today. I will say this before I bring this to a close. If you want to know how I do it day after day in this place so close to hell? Just know that God is real! if he brings you to it, then he can bring you through it. With that I will close for now. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share with you. Until next time, I remain….

Randall Isaac
DOC #458063

E-mail @ jpay.com


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