Tyreis Friend

The Way, by Tyreis Friend

You find a way when you look for it. When you commit yourself to a journey or assemble a search team as if you’ve lost a loved one. The trials and tribulations that awaits them who avidly seek makes way for a strong ambitious personality. I casually stroll the boulevard of hardships with regards to the flawless laws they all give. Then I genuinely express my gratitude gratuitously. Recognizing the latitude of the truth that’s in me. Cognitive enough to follow when it’s up. But when it’s down, it’s only an indication to turn around. A reminder of sorts. A sign or a memo so to speak. And still we search. Thrown off course when we’re coerced by a still research. Just another way to say we’ve lost focus, we’ve lost control. Simply by being focused on something other than the goal. Which somehow changes with ages and enables the sway. Until it dawns on us all that WE are the way!!

Tyreis Friend
DOC #453-975


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  1. Wat up fool this pat longtime no speak! How u been holding it down fam? I hope all is well! Anyways I had to find a way to get in touch with u give me a call wen u can 334 892 5396 hope to hear from you


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