Dan E. Johnson

(I Think I Was Thinking Too Far Ahead) by Dan Johnson

Things aren’t real bad with me at the moment but some things have changed. I think I just need to take it easy when I come home. And not jump right back into a relationship. I’m not feeling any love right now. Haven’t been for a while now, that’s why I never did send a blog until now. My mother been trying to tell me that I just need to concentrate on me and getting myself together. I’m interested in what you think I should do. Your input helps a lot, especially in a situation like this. I really would like to know who Tiago mission tales is. I need to hear some ideas and believe me, I really need a friend. I need a friend not just now but when I come home also. Everybody keep telling me to leave my options open. I really want to meet someone abroad (U.K. , Mexico, Puerto Rico and so on) but it would be okay to hear from some one here too. I just want something different because I plan on living a different life. I really wouldn’t care if my new friend came from the Philippines or South Korea. Just as long as they are real, I don’t need anyone that likes to play games. I need someone that can help pick my spirit up. Someone that can shed new light on my plans. I need positive responses only cause like I said, I will never put myself in a position to come back to this place.

I didn’t know people was leaving or could leave responses for the blogs. The best way for me to answer or respond to your comments. It would probably be best to make a Jpay account instead of writing cause they copy everything in black and white, even the pictures then shred the letter, pics and all. So I’m anxious to read some of the comments and like I said, I can answer right back. I think it’s cool to learn and experience different cultures. So I have a very opened mind and welcome people that thinks along those lines. I hope to hear from you soon and will write straight back upon receiving your e-mail. Please feel free to attach a pic to your Jpay e-mail.

Dan E. Johnson
DOC #1101246


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