Matthew Epperson

Happy Fathers Day by Matthew Epperson

In our world it is next to impossible to be a successful father. And what is a successful father? Is when your children avoid the penitentiary and all other illicit behavior? Is it when your chlidren are all college graduates? Or better yet, is success determined by longevity and financial freedom? I think all of these things have a weight of truth to them. I think that our society can look to these attributes and, for the most part, judge correctly and account these for solid parenting. But, there is a major category here that our society neglects to pay attention to.

Morals, peace of mind, and kindness. A father that instills these things in the mind of his little one is the winning father. A father that teaches a son forgiveness over other “manly” qualities is the one that infiltrates our world with love and generosity. A father who invests time and resources into his child’s future by teaching and patiently growing with his offspring is the father that helps humanity as a whole. This is my father. Sure, some might say “look at where you are! How could your father do a good job?”

This is what I say to those: Because I can’t blaim my father for a single one of my short comings and a son that recognizes this has been instilled with accountability. I love my father and I wish him the best. He and I both know that my life is a success and will be a success.

Love you dad, happy Father’s Day.

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Matthew Epperson
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  1. The rewards in this culture are being dealt out to fewer and fewer people. How can we *all be falling short due to our own shortcomings? The core of our worth cannot be traded for gold, no matter what we may have heard Thank you for writing and sharing, Matthew.


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