Anthony Waters

poetry: THE PLEASURE OF SIN by Anthony L. Waters

Christians loves Jesus Christ,
they say he is the first of their life,
they believe from the heavens he came down,
and this is the joy they found,
so I wonder if God really hear my prayers,
or did he throw them down the damn stairs,
no singles,
I sent them up in pairs.

what I don’t understand is if Jesus was the key
why did God let him die on a tree,
just to make us believe,
is God really Jesus or is Jesus really God,
I just think its odd,
how everybody who said they loved him watched him get beat by a mob,
apologize this is not to hurt your feelings or to change what u believe in,
so who is the voice,
behind men that committed the ultimate treason,
men rebel for a reason,
our third eye awaken now I see who is the demon,
I was captured by men but created by semon,
u believe in Jesus Christ but once again does it matter who or what I believe in if we all was born into sin?
thou shalt not kill so I should live forever,
do it ever makes u wonder how God had an angel in heaven that end up being the devil,
I know my mind is on a whole new level,
I don’t cover the earth, I just ditch up the dirt with a shovel..

born with the pleasures of sin men nor woman can’t pretend,
is the end the beginning or is the beginning the end,
what man can tame a hungery lion starving in his den,
in the bible it’s said Cane kill his own brother,
why God didn’t warn Able like he did Joseph,
was it for his pleasure to see who would win.

many say amen but do they know what it means,
a black ruler or a Egyptian king
pleasure of not waking up from a wonderful dream,
it’s like marrying a stranger instead of a friend,
it’s funny,
see the pleasure of sin is not abiding by the law but in the moment of lust even if its with a person u can not trust..
therefore the pleasure of sin is bigger than men..
a idiot is one with a question who don’t ask,
but the pleasure is seeking diligently for the anwaser to the max
even if it cut u in half with ax.

its kool I know u may not understad me with diligence,
I am just saying,
if u think education is expensive well then try ignorance..
but if your mind is shallow and easy to be lured,
he who conceal his disease cannot expect to be cured.
Europeans change the apearance of Jesus and gave Egyptians different faces so the pictures u see now is mendacious.
I pray everybody go in peace with the power invested in me and your mind is at ease and free..

peace to the true and living

Anthony L. Waters
DOC #720786


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