Nicole Bradley

Bullies by Nicole Bradley

Bullies might not look like a bully. A bully might hold a high position or status, and they use that high position to wield power. A bully might torment you with their presence. They’d drop innuendos and subtle threats, and simultaneously pretend to wish you well. They decieve others into thinking they’re looking out for their victim.They sabatoge your goals and plans, and pretend they were helping you out. They take advantage of your resources, take credit for your accomplishments, and steal your ideas and creations. Bullies come in all shapes and forms, and it’s not always obvious they’re being a bully. They manipulate others, and pit others against each other in order to antagonize their victim. They say things out loud to bring discomfort, and play the innocent role when confronted. They befriend those who benefit them, and cause others to alienate those they try to torment. Bullies are cowards, and they sucker others to their cause like a gang does with their followers. Bullies are so wrapped up in their manipulation and distorted reality that they think their victim isn’t aware that they’re the cause for their plans going awry. Bullies are so pumped up on their perceived accomplishments that they’re not even aware their victims might even be one step ahead of them and see right through their facade. Bullies seem to have many friends when in reality those so-called friends don’t like them and only try to keep the peace, lest they become the bully’s next target. Bullies have a distorted sense of security when in reality the foundation they build are the same walls that will cause them to come crashing down. Bullies are quick to point the finger at others for their misery and they don’t know how to accept responsibily for all the negativity in their lives. Bullies are scared of rejection and deep inside they hate themselves and the only way they feel better is by making others feel worthless, or weak. Bullies feel they’re needed for protection from others when it’s them others need protection from. Bullies can be a stranger, a neighbor, or someone who says they care. Bullying isn’t always apparent even to the victim. It can be subtle, and it’s when the bullying went on too long that it finally becomes obvious. Bullies create victims who later hold resentments. The victim seeks help yet, no one can be trusted. Because the bully knows how to get under people’s skins, jeaopordize plans, sabotage goals, manipulate those in authority, and make it so the victim has no one to turn to. They get others to tell them their victim’s business and personal info, and they drop hints and lugz to their victims so they become paranoid, anxious, and unsettled. They anger their victims, make them cry, and cause them to lose sleep over it. And nothing ever happens to the bully cause they walk around as if they’re untouchable.

Something should be done about bullies!

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Nicole Bradley
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Thank you for reading my blog.

Nicole Bradley
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