John Seay


Day in, day out, I feel the need to shout.
Sitting here wasting my time, withering about.
Thought time would heal all wounds.
Instead, I’m harassed daily by these goons.
Can’t shake the thoughts and memories of Mary.
Unanswered questions and many feelings, getting to heavy to carry.
For all of the pain and hurt I’ve caused.
Only wish I could have stopped and paused.
Monster I’m not, just a man who made a terrible mistake.
Over the next 34 years I can only hope for a break.
I love You Mary, I’m sure this to you was always known.
So I must let you fly free and finally move on.
The rest of my time here on earth.
I can only dream of my son’s birth…

John Seay
DOC #1186157

Categories: John Seay, poems

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  1. I can tell you Mary did not recognize love within you. Mary had moved on with her life and was finally able to love herself and see a happier future. “You” took that future from her and all of us that truly loved her.


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