Day after day, night after night the clock ticks on bye.
I sit and wonder if my life was all a big lie.
There’s been some good times and some bad.
A lot of happy memories and some really sad.
I feel in love with a girl that filled my heart.
With pure ecstacy, filled with happiness from the start.
I never wanted our love to end.
Was it a lack of communication or a new found friend.
Does it really matter either way
Cause my heart still hurts today.
A huge part of me is gone forever now.
One day we will reunite this much I vow.
Maybe I’ve really lost my mind
Cause my wound is not healing with time.
Eternal pain I will live with until the day I die.
This is why I sit at night and listen to my heart cry.
One day I might get over the love I’ve lost.
Until that time, I’ll be searching at all cost.
My love for Mary will always pour like rain.
Everyday that goes bye I wonder who’s to blame.
Maybe someday, somebody will answer my question.
Is love just a burden or is it a blessing…
John Seay #1186157

***To the reader, I wrote “What is love” and “Lost in love” in jail during and after my jury trial in 2005. The other one “Running through my mind” I wrote one day on the rec yard in 2012 at Nottoway prison. Any comments or further dialog on any of my post’s may be sent via email using or writing to me at:

John Seay #1186157
Nottoway Correctional Center
P.O. Box 488
Burkeville, VA 23922


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