Kody Osco

(survivor, season result ). by KODY OSCO

so Dom made the stupidest choice I ever seen despite Angola encouraging him and pretty much smacking him in the face with a better choice. I mean Dom said I should give my neckless to Angola, take Weldon on head to head in fire challenge ! “” DA ITS EASY MATH DOM. YOU SECURE YOUR SPOT BY TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS. THE ,AST CHOICE HE MADE THE ONLY WRONG CHOICE. COST HIM A MILLION DOLLERS, SAFE TO SAY THE CURSE ISN’T REVERSED MONEY CLOUDS OUR ABILITY TO SEE CLEARLY. BUT SEASON 36 WILLMFOR EVER BE IN. Y TOP 3 BEST SEASONS PLEASE ANY ONE OUT THERE WANNA CHAT HIT ME UP VIA. J-PAY.COM CANT’ WAIT FOR BIG BROTHER “”.

DOC #640807

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