Kevin Freeman

Sorry For The Wait by: Kevin Freeman

How is the world of great individuals, things ain’t been going right for the kid, so much pain In my body, but I keep moving on, I can never give up I gotta keep it strong… I passed my GED recently, but it seem like when I gain something, I lose somebody… My heart cold at night, things ain’t been going right lately… like I said before this is a long journey, 8 years of my kids life I can’t get back… All these niggaz be worried about is there self with there hands out… Not even worried about there lil ones, but worried about some money on there books or a food book… it seem like they wanted a break from reality… but this isnt about others right now I just wanted to put that out there… Sorry for the wait to who ever follow me on the day to day bases… I been going thur some things, plus I havnt had any stamps… But its much love to the Queens and Kings… Peace…

Kevin Freeman
DOC #a699384


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