Cetric Sumpter

“Thoughts of a Incarserated man” By Cetric Sumpter

Why is it so hard for a man to find a good woman while incarserated?I’m loyal, honest,trustworthy and only have 4 years left but yet females will waste there time on guys who are free that treat them like crap.Its like in here your dead to the outside world.Even people that I did everything for are nowhere to be found.I started out with 10 years.I have been down for 6.In this 6 years I have heard evey lie that a person can tell.Its like people will turn you sour when your just trying to do right.I admit,I have had my fair share of lieing and bullshiting around,but I will be 34 in November so its time out for the games for me.It seems like I have to find a woman that’s twice my age just to have someone whose not on any games.The ladies that I have met over the last few years have all been on games.Its like I’m the only one that has grew up and matured. Loyalty is so rare these days.I’m from the old school where you took care of your family and the ones around you.Now a days people only care about thereselves. There whole life is a lie.There just on Facebook and instagram acting like life is all good when really they are in det and behind on there bills.The length people will go to make there life seem so great always amazes me.The same person on Facebook with a 1000 dollar outfit on just cut my grass for 30 dollars lol,but there on Facebook balling.See I’m done with the fakeing. I just want and need a woman that’s on the same level as me.I’m not living outside of my means anymore. Yeah I’m far from broke but I’m far from rich.I just want and need a real woman that’s down to earth and ready to be loved by a real man.If you feel like you can be that woman contact me direct at J pay.com Cetric Sumpter 642-158. Im looking for woman in the Ohio area.I am from cleveland,Oh.Im currenty in prison at Trumbull correctional located in the Youngstown,oh and warren oh area.Race and age is open.Im just looking for someone loyal that i can settle down with and be loyal to and grow lod with.I also have 3 daughters that i need help raiseing.So not only am i looking for a wife.Im looking for a mother to help me raise my lil ladies to be respectable women.I also have a facebook page if you want to see a picture of me.My facebook name is Cetric Sumpter. I promise you wont be disapointed.Well thanks for listening to my thoughts

Cetric Sumpter
DOC #642-158


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