So now I wonder, what’s to change.
I feel remorse, and face the blame.
My heart still beats, my eye’s won’t tear.
Sleeps disturbed cause you’re not hear.
I see your face, and hear your voice.
Repent from sins, to have a choice.
My speech unclear, I show no fear.
I’ve lost all I had, so why am I hear.
I’d rather be gone, at peace by your side.
Instead of enduring this pain that subsides.
So give me a sign, and show me the light.
I pray for forgiveness, to tired to fight.
God help me change, cause Lord I was wrong.
I’ll write you a poem, and sing you a song.
So all the world knows my feelings are true.
Until the day comes, that I can see you…

John Seay
DOC #1186157


Categories: INMATE POEMS, John Seay

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