Hope, by John Seay

Mind running a sprint, but my soul is in a marathon. Holding onto what I have left, before I lose everything. Been there before, didn’t like it then and don’t like it now. There’s a few more tools in the box this time, just have to remember to pick them up. Abandonment issues still lay at the heart, trying to process losing someone I love. This path isn’t the one I wish to be on, yet my actions chose it none the less. Waiting on til death due us part, family I’m so ready to start. Praying for a child, but I’m stuck living in the wild. Temperature rising, friends departing, world in turmoil. Trust is there such a thing anymore or is it just an illusion. In a world so cold, how does one survive. Father forgive me for I was wrong, I was just trying to belong. No need to feel sorry, for my feelings have been submerged for years, no outlet to release what is pent up inside. Eyes no longer water cause I shed all my tears. Those fears became reality, what was lost can never be replaced. Looking inside to see what’s left, no going back for what’s no longer there. Future ahead, move with no fear, hold onto hope, lean on faith, and always walk in love.

John L. Seay
DOC #1186157

Categories: hope, John Seay

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