Richard Davidson

by Richard Davidson

I would like to make a few statements that are clear facts about the State of Ohio and the individuals that actually run this state.
First I want to start off by saying, “I cannot for the life of me understand what any state could possibly need with more than 30 state prisons? I mean what in the hell have we come to in our society? Is Ohio so bad off that it has to start locking up even innocent men and women just so the State doesn’t go bankrupt?
Simpler put, since the State of Ohio can’t get its head out of it’s own ass so as to operate it without having such a huge shortfall of operating money (taxes that you pay), Ohio just figures, “what the hell, if the taxpayers can’t pay enough taxes to keep the state running, we’ll just lock more of em up, we’ll build more prisons, lower the burden of proof on the state to convict and lock more people in prisons, regardless of their innocence or guilt. Hummm, more taxes or more prisoners, more taxes or more prisoners?” I’d say by Ohio having 30 plus prisons, answers that question extremely fast.
If I were an Ohioan, which I am not and very proud of it, I would simply be ashamed to call myself an Ohioan. Because if Ohio is that stupid with its tax dollars, then Washington D.C. is 100% correct in saying that the State of Ohio just needs to put a razorwired fence all the way around the entire State.
The way I see it, the best part about Ohio, is its state line all the around it that tells everyone leaving it, “you no longer have to be in fear of being arrested, charged, prosecuted and convicted for a crime you either had no idea you were committing or you flat did not commit the crime for which you’re going to be held in prison for.”
Believe me Ohioans, if you think for one second that it could never happen to you because you don’t break the laws. Well, let me tell you a little secret. The burden of proof in your state is extremely low and every time your state Revises it Codes/Statutes, that is exactly what it is doing, figuring out the easiest ways to put your dumbass in prison and the dumbest part about it, is that you voted the crooks in office in the first place.
So one day you very well might wake up to get ready for work, or get ready to lay down in your nice comfortable bed and there’ll be a loud knock at your door and that loud knock is your rude awakening, your safety that has come to issue you a nice pair shinny new handcuffs for a crime did not commit.
Because let me tell you, its a proven fact that at least 2% of the prison population in your state is actually innocent of the crime for which the State of Ohio says he or she is guilty of committing. Do the math, if the State of Ohio has 60,000 inmates being held in prison, that means that the state of Ohio then also has a minimum of 1200 inmates that ” ARE NOT” let me say that again, “ARE NOT” guilty of committing the crime for which your state says they committed and the reason for this injustice, is so that you can sleep at night feeling safe.
Well, I hope you choke on your safety? Because I am 1 of the 1200 innocent inmates being held in your state prison system. I am also a 100% disabled, 2 time Iraq combat veteran. I am a father of 2 beautiful young baby’s. I am not a criminal and I am NOT guilty and most of all I am NOT an Ohioan and I am more proud to say that, then I am to say anything else.

Richard Davidson
DOC #737-319


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  1. More excuses from an obviously guilty narcissistic child predator. Per CNN, the Average Annual Cost Per Inmate in Ohio is $25,814
    Average Daily Inmate Population: 50,960

    You’re obviously not very educated because they are NOT profiting from inmates at all. In actuallity you’re costing taxpayers over $25,800 a year to give you three hots and a cot because you decided to break the law.

    I’m proud to be from Ohio and my family is working so we can pay taxes to feed and house low life scum like you! You’re welcome!!!!


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