Melvin Robertson

Woman to Woman! by: Melvin Robertson

“Its only right that I confront you face to face. Woman to woman!” I said snottily while rolling my eyes at her. “You didn’t think I’d give you a piece of my mind? I don’t know where you get off becoming involved with “MY” man, but you’re wrong! That’s right, “MY” man and I’m not letting him go without a fight. For years I held this man down. When no one wrote him… I was there! When he sighed because he couldn’t get through on the phone… I was there! When the months and years passed him by without a visit… I was there! When he bowed his head in despair and cried like a baby… I was there! I’ve seen this man at his worst and accepted him for who he is!”
With my hands on my hips I looked at this woman and dared her to say anything. It was obvious we were from different sides of the railroad tracks and for the life of me I couldn’t see what my man saw in her. I’ve been so good to him. Then she finally spoke.
“Its my understanding he left you some time ago.” She asserted in a matter of fact tone and continued, “He hasn’t even thought of you in weeks. When he breaks out in a smile for no apparent reason… I did that! When he reads certain emails he now gets over and over… I did that! When he responds to those emails and dedicates a song…. I did that! When he stares at his pictures and pure joy is displayed in his eyes… I did that! When he dreams at night and whispers while asleep, ‘you’re absolutely gorgeous’… I did that. I’ve seen this man at his best and its obvious he prefers the happiness I provide.”
The audacity of this woman. Needless to say, I was pissed! More so, because she was right. He’s never smiled for me the way he’s done for her. He never thinks of me the way he thinks of her. Even still, me being who I am I was bound and determined to give her something to think about.
“Woman to woman, It takes a special kind to hold a man like this down. You think you got what it takes? Be my guess, but the minute you slip up I’ll be back to get ‘MY’ man!” I spat through clenched teeth with as much venom as I could muster. She smiled in a way I’ve never witnessed while turning to walk away. Curiously I continued, “I didn’t catch your name. I’m Loneliness! What’s yours?”
She didn’t miss a beat as she kept walking and simply replied, “Love.”

Melvin Robertson
DOC #582196

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