Shawn Diaz


I sit here watching my TV seeing all the madness that is unfolding out there in this world today. Police killing unarmed civilian. One of the most events that sickens me is all the sexual assaults happening to these courageous women speaking out now.Kids killing kids in schools with automatic guns. There’s so much going on that I actually have listen to my mother say over the phone Shawn you’re better off in there.I don’t want to be in prison for the rest of my life.I trully plan on fighting to get back in them courts but I do ask myself for my freedom will it be worth all the misery of what society has turned out to be?Of course I’ve become a different man then who I was before being that things are not the way they were before I went to prison.I know whatever happens until that day comes I’ll continue to pray for a better tomorrow thanking God that I’m alive Today.


Shawn Diaz
DOC #473-104

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