Devaughn Mcqueen

by Devaughn McQueen

Hi I am Devaughn McQueen 39 of age got locked up at the end of 2002 and should be getting out 2025 or befor. I am a very open guy love life to the up most as well as kids and feel when I get out I can help younger kids not to end up in places like this.if you would like to write me you can contact me at Devaughn McQueen #443-443 or at po. box 56, Lebanon,oh,45036
Title:Relationship) by: Devaughn McQueen
I was with this woman from the time she was 11years old and I was 12years old we just stop talk in 2016 because she say she still want to do her but I do not get it because she ask me to marry her and I told OK so when the time came for that she told me then she want to do her so for a long time I was thinking I did something to push her away but to come to find out about a week a go she told me it was because she have got big and she feel like I did not love her the same and look at her the same way but i did.I told her I do not care about how a woman look it is about what is in her heart so now that she no how I feel she want to be back with me but she have a guy now that stay with her and she do not want him to go so I told her if that guy is make you feel good and doing the things he need to do as a man then be with him so she got mad at me for telling her that but I was only been real.she say I am the love of her life but at the same time she get mad at him and take it out on me so I told her to going on with her life because I do not disrespect her at all and I was not going to let her do it to me.I told her if we was to be one then god will make that happen for what I want to no from the (queens) woman am I wrong for telling her to be happy I want to see the best for her at all times but she act like it is I told her I am not the one who is with some one I am by my self and you want me to be in a 3 way relationship and I told her that is not going to now she will not stop calling the place I am at she call and tell them I need to call home because one of the kids are sick now she have 3 kids and they look at me as they daddy because they real daddy walk out on them so me been a man did what any man should do.and she now how I am about kids so she do that to get me to what I want to no is what do I do at this time just stay in the kids life and let her do her or just cut it all off I need some help from who ever would like to write me and help me out with this. and sorry for not say it we stop talk for about 5years that is when she had the kids.

contact info or,56,Lebanon,oh,45036 and I also have a profile on xcluzive now.

Devaughn McQueen
DOC #443-443

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