WHO DO YOU TRUST by Shawn Diaz

“In thee,O Lord,do I put my trust:let me never be put to confusion.”(Psalms 71:1)
This verse I choose for this blog is one that tells us who we can trust and in whom we can be assured a right path.If we trust him then there is no room for confusion. Confusion comes from being unsure of our guide or those over us.
Here in prison,as well as on the outside,trust is a major issue.When we don’t trust someone we don’t rely on them or even give them a chance to prove that they are worthy of our trust.We sometimes need to remember how it felt when we were the new guy that no one knew or that no one was willing to give a chance.Chance takes trust and that is often hard for us.When we don’t know someone we may fear them,but to give them a chance to be trusted is often hard.It takes a risk to place our trust in someone because we learned from experience that when we place our trust in one who is not worthy we may be hurt or even betrayed.
We have the chance here to take the risk.Understanding that only one who is truly worthy of our trust is God.We need to remember the time that we failed Him for it will make it easier to trust others even when they fail us just as we have failed Him.Remember that as we trust others we are shown to be worthy of trust ourselves. Give it a chance and see.I pray that all is well your way and know that God loves you just as I do.


Shawn Diaz
DOC #473-104

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