That Look! by: Melvin Robertson

I would give anything to know that look…

That look when I hold you in my arms and you sense how deeply I feel for you,

That look when I say, “I love you” and you not hesitate to say “I love you back”

That look when we kiss and it literally takes your breath away,

That look when you discover I’m watching you with a look of adoration while youre doing something and you get instant butterflies in your belly,

That look when we’re walking on the beach at 5 in the morning, hand in hand, praying and thanking God for our many blessings,

That look when youre watching me breeze through the house cleaning and your thankful I’m always so involved, so helpful,

That look when you wake up late from being tired in a panic and learn I already got our little one dressed, fed and off to school,

That look when its obvious your family and friends know also that I’ve happily pledged my life to caring for and loving you by the way I cater to you,

That look when I show up at your job with flowers and lunch because I know how trying of a day its been for you,

That look when I ascend from underneath the covers and you see the taste of you has ignited an intense flame in my eyes,

That look when I’m thrusting deep inside of you and you can barely stand the immense pleasures that’s invaded your body,

That look when I get down on bended knee and a vision of the next blissful 40 years of our lives flash before your eyes right before you say, “YES!”

That look when you see in my eyes just how happy I am to have you as my life mate,

That look and the many more that display how passionate and happy you are in life….

Melvin Robertson
DOC #582196

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