Jason Ferguson

My Life by Jason Lamar Ferguson

“Growing up for me my life wasn’t hard nor complicated. I grew up in the backwoods of the “Dirty South”! Raised by my lovely mother and attended Faith Temple Pentecostal Church majority of my life. I played almost every sport is school and I maintained a B+ average.
A lot of people in society look at my situation assuming that I’m this awful individual, an I’m not.Throughout my entire life I’ve never gotten into a situation that may have caused a dramatic change in someone life,until I made a bad decision.
Yes I was placed in situation in which I made a life changing mistake.How can one major mistake define who I am as a person? Everyday I live with regrets from the choices I made. The remorse I feel has made me into the man I am today.
Some may ask,what type of man? Every life is precious and every human- being should be loved and shall love. Everyday I strive to help others become independent and ambitious. But more importantly, show young men other ways and choices on how they can have a productive lifestyle.
I tutor inmates so that they may have a chance at obtaining there GED or high school diploma. I am working on a nonprofit organization that will help with the trouble we are having with the youth in our communities.
My mission as well as my objective is to try an save as many young men and women from leading down a path of destruction. Having nieces and nephews showed me what love really feel like. Drugs have taken control over the minds of our youth.
An if you’re reading this then yes I’m talking to you. We all need to work together to save our children, nieces, nephews, brothers, and sisters. This is my life purpose, what is yours.”

Jason Lamar Ferguson
DOC #A408-970

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