Cetric Sumpter

Introducing Cetric Sumpter

My name is Cetric Sumpter I am 33 years old I came to prison 12-28-2012 my release date is 12-22-2022 I am currently serving a 10 year sentence for selling drugs and bank robbery.I have 3 children 15,13 and 6.They are all girls.I am currently single nobody seems to want a man that’s incarcerated. I’m a good person I just made a few bad choices to feed my family. I am 5-8 in height 175 pounds of pure muscle. I workout like crazy just to keep me busy and to stay away from the nonsense that surrounds me in this place.I have took almost evey class or course it is to take at this prison.The classes that I haven’t took I’m currently on the waiting list for.I feel that education is so important these days.I’m from the east side of Cleveland, Ohio.I’m currently in prison at Trumbull Correctional located in the Youngstown,Oh and Warren,Oh area.Its 45 minutes from Cleveland, Oh.I have short black hair with brush waves.Brown slanted eyes and caramel complected. I am currently seeking friends from all walks of life to meet and get to kno.I’m totally open minded and down to earth.To be honest I’m looking for someone that I can treat like a Queen and start my new life with.I can file my judicial this year so I’m trying to get home early. I’m honest,loyal and I kno just how to love a woman and treat her with respect. I have all girls so I have to show my lil girls how a real man treats a woman.I get along with older women usually because I’m just very old school.My taste in music is even old school. Race and age is totally open I’m just looking for someone loyal and honest.I don’t need anything from you.I have my own everything.My love will never cost you a thing.I will even pay for my own phone calls.I just want someone that’s tired of the bullshit and games and is ready to get spoiled by a real man You can reach me at J pay.com my name and inmate number is Cetric Sumpter A642-158 make sure you go there so we can talk direct. I will send you a picture I promise you won’t be sorry.I’m very sexy and well put together. I’m just looking for someone to make friends with and possibly become lovers. Someone that’s not afraid to give love a chance.Well thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope to hear from you soon like I said Age,Weight and race is open I’m just looking for someone loyal who’s not afraid to visit and meet and build a relationship with me and possibly build as a family.

Cetric Sumpter
DOC #642-158


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