Shawn Williams

RACIST SOCIETY. By Shawn Williams

You know how we (black people) take a word and change the meaning of it. Well, the racist white people do something similar, they replace words. The black woman sleeping at Yale, the two black men at Starbucks, the black family cooking at the park. In all of these situations the police were called. They took the word NIGGER and replaced it with the word CRIMINAL. Call 911 and let the cops figure out what crime they are committing or figure out a reason to kill them. That is the coded talk going on behind black people’s backs.
Racism is not the problem, our response to it is the problem. I watched MSNBC’S town hall about everyday racism. A black woman in the audience told a story about her going to a store and the white cashier looking pass her to help the white person behind her. The woman teared up as she told the story. WHY? Why is it important for white people to like us? Why did it hurt that woman so much? Her response, to that kind of disrespect, should have been to leave her groceries on that counter and walk out that store. Why did she feel the need to stay? I hear black women say they don’t want to be the angry black girl so they take the high road. It is no such thing as the high road, that is something the cowards say to justify doing nothing. If your anger is justified why would it matter that they call you the angry black woman?
Most black people that have something to lose, are in fear of white people’s retaliation. If the rule at the job is you get fired without a doctor’s excuse after calling off three times, but they have over looked it. Soon as that black person speaks up about anything that brings discomfort to a white person the first thing the white people do is look for a legit reason to fire the black man or woman. That is why you have not seen more than one black police officer speaking out about these racist cops killing black people, or black judges and lawyers remaining silent about this corrupt system that is being portrayed as the best system in the world through the media.
We really need to understand that we can’t MAKE somebody change their ways. On the Bounce channel for a few months they had a commercial where one of Toni Braxton’s sister was saying the police need DEESCALATION training. Starbucks closed down for SENCITIVITY training. The training could have been done in three seconds: treat everybody the same. End of training. Your saying that white people need training to treat black people with respect? BLACK people, WHITE people are getting TRAINING and RACISM will be all over with soon!

Shawn Williams
DOC #374-023


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  1. I think you are right. As a white woman who has a lot of black female customers (I’m a bridal consultant. I help women find their wedding dresses), I generally love working with my black customers. We have a lot of fun together… but occasionally I run into women that have already made up their mind that I don’t like them or they assume I will automatically be racist. I can see their anger and I think it is justified. So what I try to do is just continue to be kind and helpful and ignore their coldness to me. I think more white people have to understand that there are gonna be angry black people because they have a lot of reason to be angry. There is no way we can understand that but we have to make conscious choices to still respect them and treat them with dignity, regardless. I think that’s how we can begin to turn the tide, at least as individuals. To not be reactive to anger we can’t begin to understand but continue to respond with love.


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