Shawn Diaz


Have you ever put an address into your GPS,yet ,you didn’t follow the directions it was telling you to go relying on your own senses just to end up lost? That was me.I was so stubborn; the only way I would stop is if I was thirsty,hungry, fed up,or about to run out of gas.
This was the same for my spiritual life,which landed me in prison.Why didn’t I follow directions or stop to ask for help? I’m learning to trust God to be my GPS.His word navigates my route on the narrow road.If I trust in his directions for my life and don’t lean on my own understanding, I will find my path.When you hunger for God,thirst for his word,God will fill you with his truths so you can continue through life no matter how difficult the road may be.
We all have free will to keep driving around and getting lost in our own understanding, but sooner or later we run out of gas.Just like GPS,God will always reroute us to the right direction for our life.We just have to trust him.I encourage you to trust God and let him lead you.Your path has already been ordered.It’s up to you to take the time to find his truth through his Word.Don’t be afraid to ask God for directions. God bless you knowing that he loves you as I do.


Shawn Diaz
DOC #473-104

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