James Kelly

KINDNESS: By:Difference (Aka:James Kelly)

I have a quote, (not mine) that says, “You can tell the integrity of a man, by the way he treats someone who can do absolutely NOTHING for him”.
“You can tell a lot about somebody’s character, by the way they treat their waiter”
“Always be a little kinder than necessary”
“A smile from you can bring happiness to someone, even if they don’t like you”
“Kill em with kindness”

Well I don’t always live up to the expectations I set for myself daily. So I do need to remember to just be nice, be kind, be generous. For many reasons. First is empathy, this is bow I want to be treated. Also I need to remember to not take things so personal. See it don’t matter if its someone here, someone at the store, someone when you are driving. If someone “offends” you, is rude to you etc…Maybe they didn’t even mean to, is it possible they weren’t even being malicious? Maybe they were going through something in their life. So I myself really need to remember this. Also I myself am a follower of Christ and profess this. So I will be looked at and expected to not be a “jerk”. I need people to just see the love of Jesus through me. So were all just human. We will make mistakes. But if we can go out of our way to just be nice, be kind, try to love and forgive one another. Then maybe, just maybe we will make it. As for me my heart just don’t feel right if I hurt anyone. So people just for today, be good to one another.

James Kelly
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