Nicole Bradley

I am… by Nicole Bradley

I am strong, I am kind, I am loved, I am blessed.
I will not let negative people bring me down!
I am grateful, I am hopeful, I am determined to be free.
I will not let the misery of others drag me down.
I have friends and family who are by my side.
I am blessed to have such wonderful support.
And I will not let hateful people push me down.
I am protected, I am shielded, I am surrounded with my family’s love.
I don’t take credit for the blessings they give me because I don’t forget where my blessings come from.
I am generous, I am caring, I am loyal.
But I will not let others ruin my peace and destroy my happiness.
I am loving, I am kind, I am forgiving.
I don’t point fingers and blame others for things they didnt do.
I take responsibility for my actions, and my actions only.
I am honest, I am genuine, I am thoughtful.
I won’t associate with manipulators and pathological liars.
I won’t allow negative influences to cause me to lose focus of my goals.
I am smart, I am knowledgeable, I am empathetic.
But I won’t let anyone play on my sympathies.
I detach myself from all negativity. I detach myself from negative people, negative influences, and negative energies.
I detach myself from liars, users, paranoid people, and anyone whom would ever wish me harm. I cut all threads from the tapestry of life that don’t fit in with the picture of freedom.
I am a courageous woman. I am a wonderful woman. And nothing and NO ONE can change me. I’m who I want to be at all times. I’m not what anyone else wants me to be.

Nicole Bradley
DOC #W82508


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