Jonathan Banks

Mere thoughts By: Jonathan Banks

Attributes of a Angel,why stuff down feelings of the most caused confusion?
Is it the thoughts you won’t express will be a opening gate of not wanted intrusion?
Why seek the comfort of others by living their thoughts, how can that be good?
With one life to live,we carry our own crosses,that’s a must that everyone should….
Often tooken for granted when we seek for a purpose to the morals we choose to live by….
But mentally judged by the physical eye,time ticks away,don’t let no one shoot your dreams out the sky…..
Learn to treat happiness within as a sequel. Find within self peace,truth, justice, and freedom!!!
Be who you are,Learn,Over,Various, Errors, that makes( LOVE)within of our own Kingdom!!!!

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Jonathan Banks
DOC #AD2935-C-Sat-F

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