Marcellus Henry

Thinking out load. Take one by Marcellus T. Henry

Today I got up with a lot on my mind. They say that god has a plan for everyone but it don’t feel like that to me, I want to know why did he pit me here? Did he do it just to pit me through this pain that I feel in my heart? You know some times my thinking is off the wall, I feel like he is sitting up in the sky laughing at us like look what I have them going through. it’s not faire that I’m in here but then you take my love one from me it’s not right every day that I get up it hurts and some day I don’t want to get up at all some days I ask him to take me in my sleep. Will I ever have the life that I want when I come from behind this wall? will people judge me for the things I have done? They say everybody deserves a second chance will I get mine? They say only god knows well if he knows somebody tell him to let me know. all I can do is stay humble and wait for my time to shine.

Marcellus T. Henry
DOC #606-018

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