Anthony Waters

poetry: THE DAY THAT YOU BROKE MY HEART by Anthony L. Waters

No love lost,
because I regained my equanimity at a great cost.

see I tried to give u a piece of me,
and all I got in return is you being my enemy.

The day that u broke my heart words flew from your soul,
you uttered words that was dark and cold.

now I can’t take u lightly,
see I told u I love u and you said u hate me,

well obviously,

I was loving u and u was robbing me,
now I must tread cautiously.

I didn’t pick my battles,
yet I fought through every blazing fire,

I should have known the way u looked me in my eye’s,
u was a compulsive liar.

no love in your heart,
it’s was just lust and desire,

full of ambition,
I was on a blank mission with no blue print to follow,


before u lead,
best be careful of the toes u step on to day,
they may be connected to the ass u will have to kiss tomorrow,

I soaked up some game and licked my sorrows,
a hard lesson.

the day that you broke my heart,
my back was peirced with arrows,
I felt like a peasant trying to mingle with pharaohs,
because of that,
I have no love to give or to barrow,
for I am now in company of my own shadow.

something inside of me exploded like when a pin puncture a ballon,
because of u,
I’m no longer a tyro but a tycoon holding the moon.

it hurts but thank u for the push start,,
I know u couldn’t stand the wait
so u chose to hate,
people saw the realness in you but I saw the fake.

beautiful eyes that can hypnotize,
you u saw my debacle in my shackles
so u smiled at me with a sparkle..

the day u broke my heart,
I went out on a limb,
I took a leap of faith for a unique colorful gem,

just to find out u was just like them.

u feign to be my dawg to turn into a rat
just to steal the facts.

no love lost but ooh,
how do it gives me the chills,
to know I no longer have to die for my voice to live.

in a dark cell,lonely nights I shed my tears,
even though u broke my heart,
u taught me to man up and face my fears.

chasing earthly possessions only leaves u with frustration,

but knowing a price for something,
is next to nothing,
compared to one mans dreams,
the day u broke my heart I rebuilt my self-esteem..

I rather have one loyal person
then ten thousand disloyal people on my team..

peace to the true and living

Anthony L. Waters
DOC #720-786

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