“Freedom How Precious?” by Gerald Bates

In the U.S., we enjoy many freedoms not available in most countries. It’s not prefect, but it’s far better than most places. Choice, choice is the most precious freedom we have. We have the choice of where and how we live. The problem here in the U.S. is, freedom is to often taken for granted!! That is, until you lose it. The average Joe here in America doesn’t realize bow precious the freedoms he has are! He’s oblivious to how special it is to be able to pick a restaurant, or a movie theatre. A job, a place to live or any of the thousands of other freedoms we have here. He’s happy to jump in his car, go to his job, stop at the market and come home to his family without a care. Truth is, most people live in a bubble. They’re so accustomed to having these freedoms, they’ve forgotten how precious they truely are. Or the costs our forefathers paid to get. It takes losing them, to fully appreciate them. This complacency has risen to every corner of our society. It has affected every aspect of life, from our communities, our education, to government and industry. Especially the police, judiciary and legislative branches. When did it become legal for the police to just use lethal force, first? Extreme amounts of tax dollars are spent training police officers how to subdue, restrain and disarm suspects and defuse situations. So why are we seeing so many questionable police shootings and uses of force? That’s just one of many examples. It’s mind boggling, we see all this stuff on television, but do nothing! We have the choice of how we, as citizens are to be treated. All we have to do is raise our voices!! There’s a reason the founding father’s made freedom of speech and right to assemble the first amendment to our constitution! It’s time to tell Congress to hold our Police accountable.

Gerald Bates
DOC #1425997

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