Micheal Roston

Poem. by Micheal Roston

The Rebirth Of A Broken Heart! I am a soul of polestar. i advance freely at will, with much intellect. Not long ago “my heart,” “my heart” got slit in half slightly hanging on by its threads. The ones, I regard encourage the pain which my tears drops stain the blade sword of disorder. All hope I had disappeared into the heavens of the night welkin. The heart attack I had snatch itself up swirl like bloodthirsty tornado. Where rest as no point of return. The Potter’s field of my heart goes depp within a testimony. I debar the gray matter to every joyful thought, that produce a shit eating grin. It made no sense, especailly something of good quality. To the one, life meant enjoyment. Not pain, not discomfort, and not stuffering. Because my heartache at this present moment is not well-grounded. The reality of the real focal point got snack away like a loin that roams the savanna in the the stage of darkness. I try to rejuvenate from a flour-flusher damage regret. Under-the-table it is hard to let go of something that orbits into a lonely vital force. I escalated my heart sickness out of the gravy of nightmares that circumvnets itself with the grim reaper. The smell that lingers of emptiness. The taste of dissatisfaction of a black jelly bean. A touch that gently stokes alongside my skin which enhances the repetiton of my breathing. To see beauty that unfolds a start-story that one can only hope for true love. To hear the sweet sound of death that overtakes the simple times running through the yard on a mid summer day. Sometimes it feels wonderful and I cannot explain… My higher self encoyrages to me to move forward of completion. I view within self and I ask should I harken or disregard the busted promises that will never come true. Faithcomes with great enlightenment. In every aspect that one hunger can be fulfilled. I too have found my faith which helps me grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. To give a better understanding of life and how I can rebulid my foundation which ensures my stability. I stand firmly in front of the tree of life with no disbelief and now this is where my heart has a new beginning.

Micheal Roston #63996
p.o. box 1568
Hutchinson, Kansas 67504-1568

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