Gerald Bates

“Let’s Stop the Madness” by Gerald Bates

When is the world going to stop blaming these senseless school shootings on the guns? It’s obvious to me there’s more to the problem! Do I believe the age to purchase or possess a pistol or semiautomatic rifle should be 21? Yes, yes I do. Do I believe the background check should be more extensive and include mental health history? Yes, yes I do. Do I believe that’s the bigger issue? No, no I don’t. I believe the bigger issue is being overlooked or just ignored. In all but a very few of these incidents there were an abundance of warning signs overlooked. The shooters were all on social media, telegraphing their problems and intentions. The problem is, no one was paying attention. I believe that’s the bigger issue. Instead of wasting millions of dollars lobbying for stricter gun law’s. We need a system in place to track, identify and alert designated officials to troubling kids on social media. If Facebook can write an algorithm to match you to a perfect mate, surely it can write one to identify troubled kids on the road to self destruction. There’s no privacy issue. When you post to social media outlets, you intend for people to see it!
People are seeing it, some are reporting it. But, all to often it’s being ignored or overlooked. I know the last thing people want is another law or more government intrusion, but when more kids are being killed at school, than soldiers in the war on terror. It’s time for our representatives to step up and do something about it. Don’t you think? Almost all of these kid shooters were having some type life issue and posting about it. The latest Santa-Fe shooter had a disturbing T-Shirt “I’m a Killer” posted on his Facebook page. Didn’t anyone think that should have been checked into? Kids thinking it’s cool to shoot up their school mate’s is becoming an epidemic. Something other than access to guns is the problem. Let’s push our Representatives to fix it.

Gerald Bates
DOC #1425997

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