Melvin Shaw Jr.

WASTED-TALENT by:Melvin shaw Jr.

for so many years the world has let time pass them by with out making a difference. so many ppl put limits to there value/talent. we are timid to bring out the best In us because we are sometimes afraid of how the masses will react. or we may tell a friend of our hobby in the respond with a negative feedback because they don’t believe in making things happen. well I’m here to remind you that so many has went through this Same situation. if you don’t believe me read the book called MASTERY BY ROBERT GREENE. we have put those unique ideas into the universe. you have to first have the will power amongst your self then you have to just push your self in remain positive it will all work out patients in time is the best thing ever. out of every negative there live some positive. encourage the youth simple words can go along way. such as you beautiful, smart,creative and strong. try it in watch how different your children respond. god is good he has a plan for everyone. for more tip please feel free to write me on or 56 Lebanon Ohio 45036

Melvin shaw Jr
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