Josh Dixon

(poem) by Josh Dixon

This is not my poem. Its by Nathaniel, i post it because i feel where he comein from and tryin get too. As the days go by, i miss my love ones more and more; being inside these gates are like being in a war. seems they do what they can to break down our pride; in here there is only one rule: that the strong survive. I try to keep my sanity the best that i can – How much can i take? I’m only one man. I know i have not been in life for so long, but i pray that when i get out, that i wont go wrong… in you, O lord, let me remain strong. For i know if i fail when i leave this place, I’ll probbly return and see the same old faces. I’m tired of lawyers,and judges, and prison guards – I think it is time to play a new deck of cards. I dont know what will happen when they set me free, all i know for certain is that the lord will be with me. now i pray that god lead me in the right way, and i pray for the strength to make it trough this one day. Thank you for readin my blog!

Josh Dixon
DOC #574385

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