Trint Cellars


To start with I want to Give Suzie Jennings a Thanks for being the reason all this can happen! If it wasnt for her i wouldnt be able too blog. Anyway, my name is Trint Cellars my number is #A704-258, yes i have a prior number which is a #A670-460. And im tired of having to go threw this losing everything i have and have worked for or earned on the streets from house, cars, etc etc. And then i ge out and build everything back up jus to end up losing it again for a second time! And this time i’ve lost more than just material things! I’ve lost a huge chunk or my life, that huge chunk is 13 years!!!! And time out of my life with my loved ones can NEVER be replaced or given back or bought back or anything like that!! All the material shit doesnt mean anything to me honestly. That type or stuff comes and goes! But memories with loved ones its something that only can happen over time and if im incarcerated how can i continue to make memories??! I cant, hugging and kissing loved ones threw a prison visit is NOT the way to go and yea i have dne wrong things in my life and now that im in the situation im in id give ANYTHING in the world to be able to get the time back that i’ve had yanked right out from underneath me!!!! But now that im in the situation that im in ive realized that i have to make the best out of this situation and keep on keeping on!!! It does get really hard sometimes!!!!! But its all in what yu make of this!! It makes it a millon times easier when yu have a strong support system mentally and physically!!! At the end of the day it all comes down to loyalty! People dont realize that a simple letter which take 30 seconds of someones time will help put a smile on someones face thats in my situation and help make their week a WHOLE lot better, but in my generation 90% of people my age dont understand the concept of loyalty!!!!! And in my eyes all you got is your word, and for people who are in my shoes expecially myself need people in their life who are going to be loyal and not switch up, and im not talking about sending money and things like that cause i have a nice support system who Thankfully takes good care of me! What I always try to find is someone who is willing to communicate with me on a regular basis, weather its phone, jpay, letters or anything like that. I have almost 12 years left and a big part of what I do to help me mentally, and what I do to pass my time is write letters to people. I write alot of people on the streets and alot of people who are locked up just like me. Anyway, I’d like to continue to blog and I’d like to be able to get into contact with someone or a few people who I can comminucate with and share my stories witim not looking for money or anything like that !!!!!! If yud like to get into contact with me just mae a Jpay account or also yu could send me a letter My info is Trint Cellars #A704-258 P.O. BOX 901 Levittsburg,Ohio,44430 Trumbull Correctional Instution Im 22 years old pleae remember loyalty is key to me! Thank you for your time

Trint Cellars
DOC #A704-258


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