Jamar Myers


(PART 1)

I always watch this channel called “Free Speech TV” and it just hosted the Spanish movement that’s been started called “Rise Up As One!! ” I love it. It came about because of Donald Trump who has been deporting immigrants back ro their country, mainly Mexico. I can’t stand Trump, he’s no leader, he’s openly racist, in fact, he once told a News Reporter that :he is THE LEAST RACIST that they have interviewed. It made me mad as shit. No one noticed what he really was saying!!Trump openly admitted that he is a racist. To say that you are the least means you are SOME of what you are stating, What does that mean your only 30% a racist!! Fuck Trump. Trump has broken up families in the Spanish community all over the U.S., taken fathers away from their kids. These are men and Women that have paid their taxes, and have lived here for 10 to 15 years and better!! Immigrant or not, the Spanish, the Latino community are AMERICANS!!

(PART 2)

What is a child to do who was born in America and is a citizen, but their parents aren’t citizens? SO they are seperated from there parents. The child shouldn’t have to make a decision to either live in America with a American citizen relative, or go back to a land they don’t know just so they won’t be seperated from their parents. I support the Rise Up As One movement, the Brown Pride movement. Because truthfully, the Brown Pride movement is no different than Black Power. They both repersent a massive group of people that want to be equal with others. Why do I support the movement? Because not only am I half Puerto-Rican and Black, I know the true history of Latino peoples origin, so no matter if I wasn’t half Spanish or not, every Latino are still genetically my brothers and sisters. I am a Black Hispanic.

I’ve never really had a relationship with my father Pedro Cartegeno, whose Puerto-Rican. He was never there so I don’t even know if I spelled his name right. Him not being there took away my ability to know the Spanish side of me, my dad’s side of my family, I never knew my grandmother ot grandfather, or my cousins or anyone on my dad’s side. But even still, my LOVE for the Latino culture is strong in my and I’ve always felt as though I’ve missed out on a great part of my life by not knowing that side of me.

(PART 3)

I love the Ragatone and Bachata music, it makes my heart dance and makes my soul smile, the spanish culture is so alive and some people just don’t see it, but I do and I love it. The food, and of coursethe Latin ladies. I want so badly to learn how to speak Spanish, I feel as though I am supposed to know it.

(PART 4)

I see it as any struggle against a Latino is my struggle, my cultures struggle, because a lot of our struggles are one in the same whether it directly affects me or not, and any black struggle SHOULD be a Latino’s struugle, what do I mean by that? What I mean is that WE should ALL FIGHT for each other as ONE, two cultures fighting as ONE, fighting for cultures of color.So, as the Latin movement says, I RISE UP with you AS ONE!!!

Todays black person in America, and Latino in America, our struggles, our tribulations, and troubles have always been the same. We were all taken from our lands, we were ALL put into slavery, we were ALL forced to learn a language unknown to us, and we were All FORCED TO LIVE IN POVETY. But as it is known, we are the original people of this EARTH, so no matter where they put us we will get through all obsticals. Black Power, Brown Pride, there is no dofference so stop acting as if it is, to those that do. Black Power and Brown Pride, two hands that should ne intertwined as one, RISE UP AS ONE!!!!


Jamar Myers SBI# 830254-c/1122299
Lock Bag-R
Rahway, New Jersey 07065

My Facebook name: JamarMyersThaAuthor
My Email: JamarGodBless@Gmail.com

Get the Jpay app and open an account and add me to it if you would like to email me directly because I am incarcerated. To add me to your JPay(www.JPay.com) account you need my name, jail #and the state i’m locked up in, which is New Jersey

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