” Living life one day at a time ” by Michael j . Cartonia

Mother’s Day … I got to talk to my mom , :0/ :0) :0( …. yes all in one I feel like I’m such a dissipointment . I have hurt that women time and time again an she has forgiven me and loved me unconditionally my whole life . talk about strength she raised 5 kids and our world has been set on a path of bad things since I can remember . but me and my brother matt have ended up in juvenile detention an then into prison an then my brother JD and Jason were in the county jails from what seems like a right of passage DUI , I myself have never ha one no I’m not innocent I’ve drove when I shouldn’t have but as I’ve grown older I’ve tried to stay away from vehicals when drinking and one better I’ve really lost all interest In drinking . alcoholics run heavily In my family so I decided not me .
my more. has lost two of her boys pretty much for almost 15 years apeice to incarceration then another brother to exfixiation he fell asleep in the back seat of his car and the carbon dioxide seeped through the floor board . its been hard for her to come back from that . I have a brother who holds big time resentment for me cause he feels lime I’ve abandoned him and yes he’s right I’m selfish and have messed up time and, time again . yeah I know where am I going with this really I don’t know. at as this day gos I wish I could of been home to hug my mom and better yet to have had a hug back that’s a very big thing that has been sacrificed with this time I miss touch a hug I have a hard time in my relationships cause I want to be close I’m affectionate and I want to be loved hard going through this time makes me wan to be with someone who will love me for me but I’m also going to love you for you I’m not one to judge . I would love to here from People I’m lonely and I’ve never del with this kind of thing I’ve never blogged before I’d love to know who’s reading my blogs hope you don’t find me boaring . I am a spontanious person I’m not used to writing my thoughts . I have blue eyes nice teeth , :0) I think I’m a very handsome man I have long hair and its got a healthy amount kg gray so yes the salt and pepper games in my favor I’ve been growing my hair since the day I walked into the county jail so its almost 3 years worth of growth I’ve got tattoos and yes I’m getting more I. almost fully sleaved out my chest is done but its all about my style my sence of self I’ve got my native american side on my left arm and the other is to the ayful side of me the palm trees an a modest naked women and a Sean for my brothers manorial …
well feel free to comment or just star up a freind ship you can contact me on
j-pay its an easy app for your phone my name is Michael cartonia #724336 say hi and I’ll write you back an send a pic . I you’d like to send pics feel free I love pictures …

Michael j . Cartonia #724336
Lebanon correctional institution
po box 56
Lebanon Ohio 45036

out date is 4/15/2020

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