Gregory Trammell II

Introducing Gregory Trammell II

Gregory Trammell #730-130
Age: 28
Intake date: 6/15/2015
Contact info: P.o. Box 56 Lebanon, OH 45036

Hi, my name is Greg but I prefer to be called by the man’s name that raised me, Tristan. A little about me, Im 5’8”, athletic, in shape with a six pack (that only gets better with time), big on traveling, I love to give more than I love to receive, I have a big smile, dedicated to those who are dedicated to me, and Im loyal & ready to build with a woman and give my attention towards someone who truly deserves it. Also, Im financially successful in almost everything that I do. 🙂
Im new to this so I want to make it be known that Im not looking for love, yes Im open to it..but my focus is to become friends wit a great individual, someone I could eventually treat like a QUEEN and building a fantastic relationship from there.
My interests right now are;
Switzerland jewelery
*The diverse culture of Dubai
*Mostly unknown countries I would like to travel to in the future,
*Poems that help understand self,
*The life story of Gary Vee,
*Why Trump is bad, but also beneficial,
*and why it is so hard for a good woman to find a good man.
And much more..
Im open to anything you would like to talk about, if you gave me time of day, it just may become something…life changing. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Sincerely: Tristan

Gregory Trammell
DOC #730-130


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