Melvin Robertson

Holy Exchange! by: Melvin Robertson

Sometimes the demands of life can weigh on you. One may sigh, breathe deeply, or in my case; Exhale! And sometimes when you exhale it’s like a key to unlock one of Heaven’s Doors.

“Dear God, where are you?” I exhaled.

“He is EVERYWHERE! In your next breath that will fill your lungs. He’s in the breath that just left you. He’s in your heart and mind. He’s in the first thing you see when your eyes open in the morning and you realize you’ve been blessed to live another day. Do you see Him? He’s also in your struggle. Every single one! He’s in every regret and every opportunity we allow to pass us by. Did you miss Him? He was there! He’s there with you at this very second while you’re reading this. And He’s with me as my fingers are moving across this keyboard. I’m praying that you see Him, because indeed, He is there!!!” Came the words of thee Angel that stepped through Heaven’s Door.

I almost asked how do you know, but abruptly paused. At that moment I knew what the answer would have been…. ” HE sent me!”

Instead, I asserted, “I see Him!” as a power unlike I’ve ever experienced surged throughout my body.

Now I no longer exhale as a result of this Holy Exchange. I just breathe!

Melvin Robertson
DOC #582196

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