prison system

The System, by Shawn Williams

If you look at the jury in any murder case the most blacks you will see is two, 95 percent of the time. How is this possible? You didn’t ask because you are not allowed to. If you live in a certain zip code and I randomly pick a address from that zip code I will pick the race I want to pick. Now you should be asking why is it so necessary to have a mostly white jury? Because white people don’t care about black and poor white people. If they are scared of you at first sight then you probably will get convicted. They don’t care about evidence, you look like you did it, that’s enough. A jury said they gave a man the death penalty because he wasn’t showing any remorse for a murder that he was later to be found innocent of. So they were saying that he, while sitting in the court room, did not show any remorse. What should he have been doing to show remorse? These white people made that reason up.
White people think if they don’t get caught saying Nigger or making any slur that no one will know that they hate black people. We, the victims of your racist ways, can see it on your face and hear it in your voice and in your opinion on certain matters. We definitely can see it when you enforce rules. We hear it in 911 calls about a black woman sleeping, or black men sitting in a coffee shop doing nothing wrong.
I really hope anyone reading this will look into the things I say about this Justice system. In my next post about the system I will show how the media helps the cops and courts keep up the appearance of fairness. I’m going to leave you with a speech I wrote while in the Toastmasters.

The Tree

The tree told a true story about a unnatural belief that somehow whites are superior. It showed you the results of breaking their clannish rules and laws. Sent a message, look what they did and will do. Whites should be feared, it taught you that. Starved with scab over healing wounds chained to it while the real criminals live in freedom. It confronted souls, and made some question God and see suicide as the best answer to the problem. Or a mother killing her own kids so they would escape the less possible, not much of a life ahead of them. The tree told you you couldn’t save that life and you are so unpowerful you can’t even save that dead body, disrespected even after death. Back then the smallest infraction could get you killed or when white people just felt like entertaining a picnic.
It’s 2018, do you know where that tree is at know? Its been dismantled but it is still serving the same purpose: lynching niggers. Warrants and sworn statements, affidavits, redacted reports, trial transcripts and case law are all wrote or typed on it. The jury’s booth, that cops night stick, the handle of his pistol are all made of it. And your obituaries are wrote on it also.
What do you think the eulogy for the black race as a whole would sound like right now? They loved God but believed they were living in hell. Ambitious but lazy, wanted justice but made no real sacrifice to get it. Rational and violent, their legitimate fury only aimed at their own people. Motivation and creative potential abandoned early in life. Thoughtful, only to things that pertain to self. No self awareness, no self sufficiency, no self reliance, no knowledge of self so no self respect. Their insecurities they coverd up with arrogance. Some only had street knowledge because they never took a chance to learn anything else. Separated, while living in misery together. Unorganized and careless with money. Showed no real obligation to anyone, so in their tireless mission for riches they neglected the children, who they loved unconditionally but not enough because the streets and prison got most of their time. The upper class blacks was scared to speak out about racism or show up to a protest from fear of losing their jobs. They stood by quiet, without guilt or shame, while poverty and injustice press down on the rest of them. With tears and tolerance they did pray to God to make it better. Tormented without vengeance, they were all too forgiving. They all participated in their own demise by accepting being wholly wrong without any strong reaction. Basically they stood for nothing and fell for every trick in the white man’s arsenal: his cigarettes, his beer and drugs. Having the want for that white man’s approval, having high respect for that white man’s opinion. Took on all his beliefs, his religion, his education, his portrayal of justice, and his enimies. Their hearts were collectively weak but they were a race of strong, nicely dressed, mental slaves that lived and died in the matrix.
Now, I believe that eulogy, I also believe that poor leadership makes our youth feel like their lives has no value or meaning. That mentality shows that your minds are still the white man’s property. He has convinced you to have a peaceful protest in response to his exceptional violence. Or for you to wish a man deported from a country that he stole. Telling you to work hard, yeah, so all the profits go to someone else. And through all the air waves telling our youth to want to be a gangsta, and you are in a circle of blacks but soon as a white person of authority comes around you turn into a shriveled up obedient man adjusting to your horrible reality, your scared of that white man! And through coded talk and polished racism and the reversal of your suspicion and anger for them you are being scientifically oppressed. We are all still alive so we have a chance to change our eulogy. The matrix and that tree is very real believe it or not. And for you youngstas that don’t care about past, most people don’t, then pay attention to what’s going on right now.

Shawn Williams
DOC #374-023

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