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“The Funniest Blog you’ll read all day… a story so funny I’ve got to share.” By Paul Stotts

I think one of the best medications in life is laughter. This past week, the hospice patient I work with had me laughing harder than I can remember. This story I’ve got to pass along for your humor. I hope whatever your doing today, at this moment, you take a second to imagine this story.
Kelly is almost 70 and grew up in a small town in Kansas. When he was a youngster, about 13 or 14, he was one of the only kids in town with a horse. He had several and would often invite his friends to ride around town on horses. I imagine it would be like asking a girl to go cruise Main in a Mustang today… except, this is 1960’s and a Mustang back then was an actual horse!!!!
So Kelly and a friend of his is going around town, showing off the animals and having fun, each on one of Kelleys 2 horses. They decide to stop at a small fruit stand to get a soda. Kelleys friend had just the right amount of change to cover two sodas, something like 20 cents or so. Kelley stands outside the small stand with the town horses, the rains in his hand, enjoying the nice day.
All the sudden, Kelley hears a loud “CHOMP” sound. He looks over, and sees his horse taking a big bite out of a fresh juicy watermellon. Kelly is in a panic because he has no money on him, and his friends only has the exact change for the two sodas.
I asked Kelly, “well, what did you do?” He told me “I did the only thing I could think to do. I pulled the horse away, went over to the watermellon and turned it upside down so you couldn’t see the bite already eaten, and got on the horse and rode away as quick as we could!”
I can only imagine myself being in a similar situation! I can picture this happening, and being like “oww crap!!!” I can totally picture Mr. Kelly noshallently walking over and turning the mellon… possibly whistling whail doing it!
I couldn’t help but laugh at this story, my hopes are that you do to.

I want to end with a quote I read the other day from John Lennon… yes, I am 29, but come on I know a good quote from the Beatles when I hear one!!!
“When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down “Happy.” They told me I didn’t understand the assignment. I told them they didn’t understand life.”
-John Lennon- Founding member of The Beatles

Paul Stotts
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