Elizabeth Kelley

left behind by Elizabeth Kelley

well i have a poem that I wrote this morning… I love feed back and I have other poems posted if you wanted to look them up… if you want to reach/write me go to jpay.com and email my gdc number is 1001803604!!!! I love
new pen pals and I love feedback!! well here it is.

left behind

have you ever felt like the world was moving
but for some reason your at a stand still
no matter how much pushing and pulling
fighting to just move, but to no avail
as day by day passes you by
you picture what life should be like
its so very clear in your minds eye
only one thought replaying its self
just don’t leave me behind
thinking about all the treasures life has brought
is there a reason to imagine the future
or will my imagination be for naught
interesting how time can move so fast
yet not move at all
why can’t I move
am I scared to fall
what is holding me down
I’m trying to break free
please don’t leave me stuck to this ground
I don’t want to be lost in memory
I want to be able to find
understanding of thought still replaying
I don’t want to be left behind

thank you for reading… I hope you all have a great rest of the day!!!
love liz

Elizabeth Kelley
DOC #1001803604

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  1. Its boring, I reckon u could do better if you thought it through a bit more, just saying. I do wonder what you must look like covered in tats, u sound proud of them, I have none, but hey each to her own right? Stay up girl it cant be easy behind the wall watching life pass u by and by and by……………


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