Marcellus Henry

when it’s hot! its hot! by Marcellus T. Henry

my heart and prayers go out to those in Hawaii that lost everything to a volcano.You know it’s crazy how mother nature has no regard or respect for human life she can just came and destroy everything in her path and don’t care who she hurts or kills and all we can do is just setback and get out the way and let her do her thing and when it’s all said and done with we have nothing to look forward to but rebuilding and dealing with the pain and it’s not far. I know what that feels like to lose everything or someone to mother nature cause I lose my 10 year old cousin to a tornado so I know what that pain feels like.

Marcellus T. Henry
DOC #606-018

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  1. That’s terrible, I’m sorry for your loss. We need to make sure we do more to protect people from natural disasters, and give them all the support to rebuild.


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