Song Of The Sadist by Matthew Epperson

What’s the cause of this innocence?
You must think I’m a fool,
See, I’ve seen you ’round this house,
Because that’s where I rule

Please don’t be shy my pet,
I know you want to know,
You’ve seen this a million times,
On your knees, come on let’s go.

Clothe your shame in a white dress,
Make it smell real fine,
Your secrets are your halo,
And a wingless angel, now you’re mine.

So, do my work do my deeds,
My sweet marionette,
You’ll find I’m a kind puppetteer,
And surely all your needs will be met.

You run, you try to flee,
But the grip never receeds,
And now your falling, falling down,
Into a spiral that ends in the ground,
We both know the truth,
Your past is full of pain, but that is no excuse,
You starve, and want, and take, from whomever you can use,
So this is why the song of the sadist will always ring true.

Who said this was over?
I feel sorry for you,
Live your days in a stricken fear,
Bypass all the help and the truth.

But who am I to judge?
I’ve got problems of my own,
Yet the difference is plain as day,
Over you, I have control.

So, here’s one thing I’ve learned,
Yeah it’s free advice,
Never trust the smiling eye,
That portal to their soul ends in ice.

Hate is love in my eyes,
Respect death, it never lies,
Rise up strong, sing this,
Dance to songs of sadists.

Send me a message on jpay and let me know your interpretation. Hope you enjoy my song/poem Song Of The Sadist. One day I’ll be able to play it for you all.

Go see something live!

Matthew Epperson
DOC #284812


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  1. I can’t wait to hear it. I remember so well the song you wrote and sung for your mom years ago. How beautiful it was. I have no doubt you have created another beauty.


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