Michael Cartonia

living one day at a time … by Michael j. Cartonia

So how are you doing ? I hope tat wihall thats going on in this world you all find yourself in a better position than I am , lol . Yeah I know im i the worst place but im smiling today so whats your problem . i hope you know your in a point in your life were anything is achevable freedom is only what you make it whats crazy if you alow you’r self you’ll place yourself in a mental prison ive been there even in here where i have days that i let all my problems to hit me and I feel like i cant breath from the weight of it all then i see the light I let it all go and only think about that which i have control over which is very little and I work on it ive been down now 3 years and ive got till 4/15/2020 but ive been knockng that off one day at a time and then 5 extra days a month as i keep working I live to see that out at roll back my life right now is so much structure that it hurts it seems lke i am being conditioned to live by door pops and routine but that all go’s away when i step out these doors ive got to go from having everything done under there guidence but im going to have to work this all out when i get home and let me tell you prison life and real life don’t stand side by side iI wsh hey did but im ging to make it one day at a time im going to need all the supoort i can get to make it theres no hellp i won’t take if there are ant resorses anyone can think of that just might help me when i get out of here et me know im going to e going home to Troy ohio its a small town and ive got big dreams id like to start a program that alows me to send every kid home with food as they need it and help here famils in any way possible well guys id ike to think your l doing great and your enjoying life feel free to contact me you are welcome to contact me on my j pay account as i said im Michael J. Cartonia # 724336 looking forward to making your aquantence .
I’m in for buglary and forgery i recived 56 months i try to get a lawyer to look into my chance at a judicial release but i dont seem to find one intrested enough to write me back my out date is 4/15/2020

Michael j. Cartonia #724336
lebanon corretional institution
po box 56
lebanon ohio 45036


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