Josh Dixon

(life bind bars) part 2 by Josh Dixon

like i said befor in part 1 im only goin to talk about things i been through or goin through. this is something i need to touch on i had the power to change because i seen frist hand what lossin your mind can do to you believe me family plays a big part in it, with out family or the power to change you well have a hard time. i say that hopein somebody that readin this who cut there family off thats doin time well send a card only if its to say you was thinking of them, even if they wrong you beleive me some do change not all but some.I talk to alot of dudes doin hard time and what i mean by hard to is 20 years and more with a L behind it. its something in there head that tells them why sould i try to change why try to fight to better thayself if they dont have any family who cares if they make or not. i been down 10 years i did time in mansfield, luc, and o.s.p now labanon and i seen it heard its hard at first hand when life leaves a dude and he goes crzy and hang himself, cut their on wrest or fuck someone else up because they feel like they have nothing to lose or anybody to live for. i dont feel bad for myself because its always someone going more time then me and doing way worst then me. so i told myself i would never lose my mind or lose hope. so i say to you people reach to your love ones, even if its only a letter or a jpay. Or send a card or pic, because it will make a big different in their lives. THANK YOU FOR READING MY BLOG.

DOC #574-385

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