Anthony Waters

JUNETEENTH. byAnthony L.Waters


the same men who said they want to learn from me
trying to get rid of me,
all we did was show our love and our dignity,
now I am endangered in a natural habitat,
yet still a victim of urban combat.
because of my skin,
I been convicted from the womb,
a burden that I’ll carry to the tomb,
with a long list of false allegations
in situations,
I have to ponder with legal manipulations,
is this another roll of the dice or do I purlude to my own demise,
these are the crosses that a black man must bear,
dealing with so many loses how can life be fair.
I bow my head upon bending knees,
praying that this cycle would soon be ceased,
I’m on the verg of suicide from witnessing to much genocide.
being humble was a price that was to damn hard,
is the only choices we have now,
is vision of prisons,
or visiting the grave yard.
yet I refuse to be another link of this chain,
but if I do,then who do u blame?
they took our pride,
but we regained our integrity,
I realized they want to work us to death and then bury us in their society,
they showed us pictures of Europeans who didn’t admire me,
snatched my people off their lands, and placed them in slavery,
then told us lies for years,how their God been good me,
yet they raped my sisters and mothers,
beat,and killed my brothers and fathers,
made me watch and dared me to bother,
like animals they dragged us by the collard,
is anybody hearing me?
they was ripped away from the arms of there family,
while they watched their wives and children scream,
love one’s dangled dead from tree’s and swung back and forward from the breeze like leaves on tree’s.
I pray to God but I was taught he don’t tolerate no hateing/
so is it wrong to feel like I can get more answers from Satan/
so I shed my black tears/
they hate us so much yet they are the reason that we here/
we was comfortable on our own land that we loved so dear/
now it’s y’all fault when I look u in your eye’s all I see is fear.
in Texas on June they freed more slaves,
but I say June 19,1865 is the day more great men was made..
we fault through the lies that was told,
we as a whole fault through the pain we was showed,
going through the same struggles,
is being black still a crime?
with no peace of mind mother’s still crying,
and being put into captivity by our own kind.
history truly do repeat it’s self,
so I’m gone gain knowledge like a book on a shelf,
and keep on fighting until my last breath.
JUNE 19,1865 is the the day the announcement of the abolition of slavery in the Unites State of Texas..
yet America is so great then why is it filled with so much hate,
the number of black people died everyday should be a holiday,
the first holocaust was the African holocaust and it came with a great cost,
so many numbers of African’s died the numbers got lost,
so they fed us history that was false..

peace to the true and living

DOC #720-786


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