Jedidiah J. Solomon

Introduction By Jedidiah J. Solomon

Hello my name is Jedidiah J. Solomon.
I am currently housed at Nottoway Correctional Center. I have been incarcerated since December of 1999 and am due to be released by good time earnings December 2024. I have lived many lifestyles in one lifetime and my life with my conscious mind seems as if it’s just begun. I regret every crime I’ve ever committed and pray for the strength to give back much more than I have taken.
I am serving time for attempted Armed Robbery, Second Degree Murder, and Check Fraud. I fully understand that it is not possible to give back a life that has been wrongfully taken but by sharing my truth raw and unconcealed I hope that lives will be saved and the hopeless will find strength the confused direction and the estranged a place to relate and be related to. Truly I watched the life I knew burn to ashes around my feet but like the Mythical bird the Phoenix I have risen from those ashes to live today as a visible example that change is possible no matter how far you’ve fallen and your changed life can still have valued purpose. If you wish to contact me I can be reached through email at or by standard letter at Nottoway Correctional Center P.O.Box 488 Burkeville Va. 23922

Jedidiah J. Solomon
DOC #1061792

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