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“Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.”
Wishing problems away doesn’t solve them. Neither does avoiding, walking away, or denying them. While its human nature to delay doing anything painful or difficult, procrastination only keeps problems temporarily at bay. Facing problems is the most effective way of dealing with them. Talking through a disagreement, making a difficult decision, asking for help when you’re stuck, or letting your feelings out can help you get through trying situations.
But knowing you must face a situation and actually facing it are two very different things. One way to ease into the process of confronting a problem gently is to write about it in a journal. Use your journal to explore why you’re having such a hard time facing a particular situation. Then, when you’re finished writing, imagine the conversation you might have to resolve the situation. Listen to how you express yourself. Are you stating your needs clearly? Is your tone too harsh, argumentative, or defensive?
By first writing out how you feel and then going through a mental “rehearsal,” you may be able to face the problems in your life with a little less anxiety and a lot more confidence and clarity.
Embrace the thoughts that “I know its a challenge to work through some of the difficult situations in my life. But today, I’ll focus on one of these situations and think how I’d like to handle it.

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  1. Excellent approach. I always used to resist journaling, until one day I tried it. I’ve found it really helpful. I think I sometimes make decisions with my emotions at the forefront, so I write until I have processed them. Then, I make better decisions.


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