Travis Tucker

(Cancer is a state of mind not condition) By Travis Tucker (Alpha Omega)

I first would like to give high praises to all the survivors of cancer and blessings to all those who didn’t make it this is a ugly disease that requires a revolutionary approach bare with me as I expose the nature of this so called monster and reveal the true culprit…I was asked by a good friend of mines to elaborate on cancer at it’s core I.e the root of the dis-ease.I ask that the reader try to imagine that everything that you see and hear is composed of materialize thought or moreover try to conceive that from one single idea everything appeared here.I mean your t.v came from a thought,your job came from a thought,airplanes,light…the thoughts we produce organic and inorganic comes from our condition’s or the environments that we are to flourish in,a healthy environment produce healthy thoughts and an unhealthy environment produce unhealthy thoughts.Before I continue I want to make it clear that thought is the motivating factor for which all exist before one can speak there exist the thought to do so,the thought then become word’s,word’s then become actions,this is the nature of the human mind.And almost every case that the patient is diagnosed with a dis-ease is 99.9 that the patient believes he or she has cancer or other dis-eases before it can exist physically it has to exist mentally, meaning when you start to give life in your mind and succumb to being defeated or accepting these dis-eases you begin the process of creating your own heaven or hell,the doctor’s won’t tell you this because there job is to focus on the physical healing rather then mental,hence they continue to sow the seeds of cancer by attacking it physically.It cannot be removed scientifically because in most cases it’s hereditary,so it’s evasive it appears and disappers.But it can be removed spiritually,The solution I’m giving here is called (black magic)as well as science and deals with the mind having the power to correct the body,self generating billions of new cell’s daily.My grandmother lived to a 100 years old because of what she didn’t know,she had multiple disease’s, cancer,diabetes, etc…she couldn’t read lab results and out right didn’t care for them,maybe she knew something mystical and expressed it illogically.A lot of time’s once these horrific diseases are introduced in our lives that they start to occupy so much of our mental energy that we create cancer from our way of thinking,I remember as a child my mother would tell me that my room only stayed messed up because my mind was messed up,and that my room was a reflection of my mind and that once I got my mind in order everything around me would reflect that…This is the same sentiments I echo to people I love,I had cell partner who had tons of scars all over his body,I thought maybe he was a ufc fighter or was getting high stealing peoples drug’s… All he ever did was talked violently like being incarcerated wasnt enough,his scars started to show where they originated from,his own mind!!!If you took nothing else from this wisdom please watch your thoughts,they become our realities, this conversation is so much vaster I’m aware that the human mind is creating on a conscious and unconscious plane of thought shaping and moulding past,present future event’s the phrase you are what you eat denotes you are the sum of your thoughts,your government knows how powerful thought is and that’s why the image’s you receive via television is responsible for shaping modern day society…only if we knew how beautiful and powerful we are,we could change the world in one day!!!This degree of light is dedicated to my lil brother on Lawrenceville fighting throat cancer,also to Miss.G you know who you are the disease doesn’t define us we define it,change the picture in your mind,pure beauty will reveal itself in time!!!

Travis s Tucker #1091722
Nottoway corr center
burkeville,va 488


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