Being Grandma Part 2 By:Tammy Dodd

I have blessings and pain to tell you about. I thank God for this Blog because it is a wonderful outlet for me and most likely many others. My daughter-in-law, Christy that had the problems waking up after she had my grandson on April 26th, is alive and well. Praise God!! What the doctors discovered was that when she went into the labor room, her blood pressure was up really high and it not only caused her a stroke but it also caused her a heart attack. She is healing with the help of the Lord Jesus and her husband, my son Johnathan and all of our family and friends that have been there for them and my grandchildren. Christy is learning to walk again and has eaten her 1st meal of solid food today. I thank God for saving her and I thank all of you who prayed for her, and I thank the lady behing this Blog for the opportunity she has given so many of us.

Tammy Dodd
DOC #559586

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  1. Praying constantly for Christy and family! It’s amazing how God’s loving hand of protection can be found in the worst of circumstances!! So glad he is restoring her each day.


  2. What a lot to get your head around at once! Thank you for the update. I’l continue to pray for her to make progress every day. All the support she has (including you!) will get her through. Bless you all.


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